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Our credentialing team has extensive experience in enrolling physicians with Medicare, all Medicaid’s, Managed Care plans and all Commercial payers as well. Our team reaches out to each shortlisted payer that you want to enrol with and gets accurate timelines and open panel availability.
Once we have those from you, our enrolment team goes ahead and files the appropriate contract applications and makes sure it’s a flawless submission in the first go, owed to our extensive experience. We boast of the shortest turnaround time in getting contracts owed to first time correct application submissions.
has been received and is in the payers system, that no additional information is being requested and everything is smooth. We follow up regularly until the contract comes through and is delivered to your physical location.
appeals outlining the keypoints of your service, include niche services and how you bring exceptional patient care in your area, include all this in your business plan and submit to senior provider representatives at that payer. It’s really difficult to overturn closed panel decisions but we have had 30% success rate there.
are forced to stay out of network. Our team helps with out of network enrolments, NPI registrations on the payer’s website etc. so your medical practice is in the payer's system, to start receiving out of network payments.
payers in your payer mix, updating a new address, bank account, etc. We also help set up all ERA, and EFT enrolments.
and physicians’ credentials data on our credentialing portal. It’s a very comprehensive and transparent and HIPAA compliant tool that we specifically designed to make sure we upkeep your databank with utmost efficiency.
The biggest payers are all turning the CAQH route to credential and enrol medical providers. We maintain and upkeep your CAQH and PECOS profiles, making sure all your information is accurately profiled in and compliant.
We study your competition and this data helps us to make sure we get you the best possible rates for your procedures, thus solidifying optimum reimbursements for your medical practice. We revisit your older contracts and try and get better rates as per availability from the payer at the current time.

Do you think you have an optimum payer network?

Check out the most popular payers in your State. Compare with your patient inflow and see which ones you need to be contracted with.

Don’t turn your patients away just because you don’t have a specific contract.

We can get it for you in the fastest TAT and the best contract rate.

Why Bikham

  • Get Applications completed twice as fast as in-house teams
  • Fixed price per application - No hidden expenses
  • Full assistance to your billing team
  • Know the status of applications in real time
  • Dedicated account manager for your account
  • Real-time alerts for expiring documents

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We charge as per payer contracts

  • 0 - 9 contracts - $250 per contract ($0 discount)
  • 10 - 19 contracts - $225 per contract
    ($25 discount per contract)
  • 20 - 49 contracts - $200 per contract
    ($50 discount per contract)
  • 50 contracts and above - Custom Pricing

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Why Clients Trust Us


Over 2,32,000 applications successfully filed and contracts received.

15 Years

15 Years of Provider / Hospital Credentialing & Enrollment experience

50 States

Extensive experience in all 50 states / State regulations / Rules & Compliance

Specialities we enroll for

Durable Medical Equipment
Physical Therapy
Sleep Medicine
Internal Medicine
Behavioural Health
Rehab Billing
And Many More...

Medical Laboratories

Laboratory credentialing and payer enrolment is a whole different animal. With Bikham's decade long experience in Laboratory RCM, we pioneer the Lab payer enrolment space. We work very closely with your management groups and ordering facilities to make sure we map out the effective areas your Lab is getting maximum business from, or the areas where you might get prospective business from. Multi state payer enrolment is essential for any laboratories growth and we make sure your Lab has the most extensive in network contract directory, so you don’t have to turn away business.

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Case Studies

See how in just 14 weeks, Bikham’s Enrollment team assisted a Urology group in getting credentialed and enabling them to submit over 3.5 million in backlogged billing successfully

Besides focusing on the problem areas, Bikham's enrollment team passed some testing challenges. With their scalable approach they achieved their goals, and continue to work with the client since then.

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Premium Insurance Credentialing Services

We always love to share advice, tips and knowledge about the Insurance Credentialing process, helping make it easier for you. This part of our website helps you explore various topics.

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Real-time Updates and Transparency

Transparency is key. Our comprehensive online tool is an effective platform which provides complete transparency of the work flow, the application status, extensive reports, secure and HIPAA compliant document storage and gives other important information about your payer network. By offering accurate, real-time information to everyone involved in the credentialing continuum, we have helped many leading medical providers to achieve new levels of transparency and ease of achieving fast and accurate payer enrolment work flow.

Provider engagement is not only met with the right information at the right time, but expectations are also exceeded with answers to questions and estimates regarding credentialing costs.

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